We are a New York-based online shoe retailer, and part of what makes our company so great is the people who work together to achieve the same goal. At SHOEOSIS we believe in diversity. Whether you previously worked in one field or the other, or it's your first time - we believe you can be a great contribution to our company. Apply today and see for yourself what it is like to be part of the SHOEOSIS team. Office buildings and nine-to-five jobs are things of the past. We are with you every step of the way, helping you become great and grow with us. That’s why we provide all the necessary tools for you to succeed. We have created a platform on which you can work independently and from the comfort of your home. We offer great benefits as well as generously competitive payouts to all our employees. Feel awesome and be part of something great while building your career at SHOEOSIS. Join our one-of-a-kind team, which already consists of people like you. If you are looking for complete flexibility, work-life balance, competitively generous payouts, potential growth and so much more, SHOEOSIS is the place for you…



Here is the list of our current job openings.

Independent Sales Associate ( OPEN )
Marketing Specialist ( CLOSED )
Customer Service Representative ( CLOSED )


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