Basic Steps We Ignore Protecting Our Footwear

Many people and particularly women enjoy shoe shopping. After you get that perfect pair of shoes, the next natural step is making sure your footwear is protected. Below are a few tips we recommend to any shoe lover out there.

1. Store them in an appropriate place
Even the most qualitative shoes have a tendency to curl and change shape after a while. Numerous people simply store their footwear in the closet, but we recommend you make sure the closet is not too hot, in order to avoid any possible shrinking.

2. Polish your footwear
Each pair of shoes will need a different type of polish, depending on the fabric they are made of. Shoes tend to need conditioning after a while if you want them to look just as new as the first day you bought them. Use a neutral colored polish and go a shade lighter when trying to remove scratches. If you are unsure how to do this yourself, take them to a professional shop.

3. Cover your shoes
A good idea that will help your shoes look new for longer is to cover them up. Our shoes come in boxes that include separate cotton sacks for storage. Place your shoes into those bags when you are not using them. If space allows it, you can also put the shoes on special racks that will keep their shape intact.

4. Beware of rain
Rainy days will cause your footwear to get wet as well. Instead of just placing them back in the box as soon as you get home, allow them to get dry first. Stuff them with paper that will absorb any extra water. Make sure not to rub your footwear while it is still wet, as it can cause further damage.

5. Replace the soles
Some shoes' soles get worn out before their time. You can benefit from replacing your footwear's original soles with new ones, for added protection. It is natural for soles to be the first to suffer damage, and additional soles will increase a shoe's life span by quite a few years. Some people prefer adding extra soles to their shoes immediately after purchase, and this is an option worth considering.

6. The cleaning process
If you notice your shoes got dirty, do not wait for the dirt to settle in. Use a toothbrush to clean the dust and mud off of them after they are completely dry. The debris will come off quite fast and your footwear will regain its original appearance.

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